Want to know a bit more about the people behind all things marketing?

Meet Eliot, Nicole, Cristie and Tara - they make up the CluedUpp marketing team.

Let's find out what a typical day looks like for our marketing team, including Eliot’s amazing description of his before work routine.

But first a note from the team: please don’t judge us on our coffee consumption!

Who’s who

Eliot is our eCommerce Manager at CluedUpp. He has a variety of responsibilities including keeping the website running smoothly to planning our big launches

Nicole is one of our Digital Marketing Executives who’s responsible for all things digital.

Cristie is the other Digital Marketing Executive and is the person behind some of the most recent social media posts and email campaigns.

Tara is our Graphic Designer. Her role is to come up with all things creative! Whether it is designing eye-catching social media posts, new email creatives, website assets or simply thinking of new marketing ideas.

A day in the life of the marketing team

Eliot - Ecommerce Manager

I awake in a bleary state, peel apart my eyelids and roll onto the floor. As would a slug, I flob my way downstairs, achieve the bare minimum of hygiene acceptable for a shared working environment, and begin my journey to CluedUpp HQ.

Driving through bucolic Bedfordshire, my route takes me through quaint villages and winding roads with ample nature to distract and endanger me. Badgers, foxes, and deer can all be seen frolicking gleefully in the early morning light. It’s quite the sight.

Work is usually fairly manic and wildly varied, so there is no standard day in my life. From data analysis to content writing, website management to email marketing, I could be doing anything on any day. And that’s why I like it.

One wonderfully peaceful piece of consistency for my week is a Monday walk and talk with colleague Chris. No topic is off the conversation table: methods of statistical analysis, debates on the nature of consciousness, and in-depth discussions of aliens. We nerd hard.

Eliot - eCommerce Manager

Nicole - Digital Marketing Executive

Every day in my role is different and that’s exactly how I like it! But usually, on Mondays, I like to get on my laptop nice and early as it’s quiet time before everyone comes in. I check my to-do list, analyse how well our email campaigns and social media have done over the weekend and I like to plan out strategies for the week.

But first… coffee!

I also get the chance to check out the amazing team imagery we’ve received from the previous weekend's events with the team. By 9:30am, Eliot is usually on hand to offer my 3rd cup of coffee of the day.

The mornings will start with a marketing meeting to discuss our priorities for the week, from planning campaigns across social media and emails to sharing creative ideas and checking out our product timelines. I’m very guilty of jumping from one task to the other and have way too many tabs open.

Lunch time! I like to stretch my legs and go for a walk. I find it helps with creativity. This is usually when I’ll either grab lunch to sit at my desk with or myself and the girls will find a nice spot around our amazing HQ gardens.

In the afternoon, I find my energy dips at this time, so I’ll quickly get my diet coke fix which usually solves everything, and continue with tasks. This is also usually a good time to have internal department meetings with customer services, operations or catch up’s with the CEO on what we should be testing next, or I like to settle with writing some email copy.

At around 4:30ish, If I’m in the office, this is the time I head home with an upbeat music playlist. Usually Taylor Swift…

Nicole - Digital Marketing Executive

Cristie - Digital Marketing Executive

I usually start my mornings with lots of little tasks that help me get my creative marketing hat on for the day. This could be either replying to all of your comments on social media, getting content ready to post or even looking at statistics for any emails that were recently sent out.

These tasks definitely help clear my morning brain fog, so once I’ve spent a bit of time doing these I can then get started on a bigger task like writing copy for emails and blogs. But first, COFFEE! Although I must admit, I am trying to cut down…

Every day my to-do list is different, one day I could be writing an email about the cats of CluedUpp and the next I could be writing about our new blue adventure with the Smurfs. It’s one of the many reasons why I love my job so much!

I’m a sucker for not taking a proper lunch break and working while I eat at my desk, so recently I’ve been going out for a lunch time walk with the marketing girls. Sometimes we swap this out for a game (or two) of pool with some of the others in the office, but I never win!

My time after lunch is usually taken up by more creative tasks, like designing stories for our Instagram accounts. Every week I design and post a chapter of the Alice in Wonderland story. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little break from writing!

Then it’s home time and I say hello to my pj’s and get working towards my degree.

Cristie - Digital Marketing Executive

Tara - Graphic Designer

I’m not really a morning person, I rely on at least two coffees before I can actually form a sentence to my colleagues at CluedUpp HQ. But once the coffee kicks in then so does my creativity!

Being the Graphic Designer for CluedUpp means every day is fun and varied, designing emails, social media posts, themed downloadable packs, and website designs, among many other assets. Listening to music in the office, taking part in social events, and beating everyone (mostly) at pool are other bonuses to why I love this company so much.

We work together so well as a team, even motivating each other to walk, exercise and eat healthy! Then the fun stops about 4.30pm when it's home time, currently learning Spanish so I will often do a lesson, cook some veggie munch and enjoy a big glass of wine!

Tara - Graphic Designer

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