For those of you not familiar with what we do, CluedUpp is a company that creates urban outdoor adventures - the CluedUpp app leads you around a city of your choice whilst you unravel a mystery. Families come to our events for something different to do at the weekend or to celebrate a special occasion, and leave having had a couple of hours of fun, laughter and mental challenge.

So why is CluedUpp the perfect event to choose for your family?

1. Health Benefits
We’re currently living in a digital world, meaning we’re all spending more and more time in front of screens. Whether that be a computer at work, playing video games at home or the constant attachment to a mobile phone - we’re all guilty of it!

Our games encourage people to spend a few hours of their Saturday outside, exploring, all without the added separation anxiety that comes with being away from our phones. Essentially, you get the best of both worlds and it’s perfect for families with older kids who rarely see the outside world (we’ve all been there). 

You’re not only exercising your body by walking around trying to locate witnesses but you’re also exercising your mind by using your mobile phone to solve brain teasers and eliminate suspects. The best thing about all of that? The body releases endorphins when you exercise which reduce stress levels, so you’ll feel great whilst solving a mystery!

2. Adventure
You may have lived in a city for many years, never really getting the chance to fully explore it -  CluedUpp can help you find adventure in some of the most familiar places. And what’s more, you don’t have to know a city like the back of your hand to play. Not knowing the city doesn’t put you at a disadvantage, the integrated in-game map shows you exactly where you need to go in order to locate witnesses so it’s perfect for families who like to explore unfamiliar places.


3. Interactivity
Just a “HeadsUpp”, you won’t be silently exploring a city with your face in your phone (we actually wouldn’t advise that for safety reasons). With the game being app-based and so easily accessible on both Android and iOS smartphones, the game is both interactive and immersive. You’ll be required to visit different landmarks and locations all over the city which involves interacting with virtual witnesses and encountering the odd ‘runaway’ who you’ll be required to track down within a certain amount of time. Interactivity isn’t necessarily just restricted to the game though; with 100s of teams racing against the clock to solve the case, you’ll inevitably bump into other teams in some very convincing fancy dress! But of course, you’ll be in your very best fancy dress too.

Our son is 9 years old in body but has high functioning autism so has an adult brain. He loved the game because you could go round finding the clues and information by himself. 

He loved the fact he could pretend to be part of new tricks without feeling any pressure and he could have a break to eat when he wanted to. 

He found it very relaxing and very fun. It's something I will definitely make other autistic families aware of too because I can honestly say it is perfect for families with additional needs especially autistic kids because it is very self directed and despite the numbers didn’t feel too crowded and no queues. 

Just perfect, no pressure and you don’t feel like you have lost even though we didn’t guess the right suspect, great fun!

- Helen Wyszynski, attended Lichfield event Feb 1st 2020.

4. Teamwork
Just like when the board games come out at Christmas, prepare for the odd family argument here and there. We haven’t caused too many family fall outs (we hope!) but playing a CluedUpp adventure does promote family teamwork. 

Our team at CluedUpp HQ have been working relentlessly to make teamwork more rewarding in the game by integrating a brand new voting system. Thus meaning players will be given the opportunity to vote on important decisions in the new app. This could cause some arguments OR you may find out you actually make a great team - either way, it stops one person from taking the wheel the whole game. It could also be a great way to get the kids more involved when playing!



5. Easy to Navigate
Going back to the first point on the list, our detective days are perfect for those of us who don’t enjoy being separated from our phones for too long. However, there’s also a great balance of tech savviness and ease of navigation. Essentially, the app should be a breeze for virtually anyone to use. Meaning if you want to take grandma out for the day, she can play along with ease! It also means you can let the kids take the wheel for their enjoyment whilst you admire how much fun they’re having playing the role of detective together.

Our detective days run all year round, come rain or shine, so if you’re looking for something a little different but super fun for the family - why not check our events schedule to see when we’ll be running an event in a location near you.


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