Working with colleagues in the same office, day in day out can be tricky: the pressures of hard work can make people stressed, staff can get stuck in familiar patterns and tensions can rise and fester. 

Team building days, corporate days out, and away days are a key part of the working year, to reward employees and inspire colleagues to keep working hard. So how can you take advantage of the benefits of team building

Let’s take it back a step, what on earth is a CluedUpp adventure?!

Imagine playing live Cluedo - different teams competing against each other to find out  which dodgy looking suspect (no Colonel Mustard though I’m afraid…) is to blame, which weapon they used and solve the mystery.

The start time, location, size and game theme is up to you: pick from one of our themes - Witchcraft & Wizardry, Sneaky Finders and The Latest Krays - and choose the outdoor location, any city, campus, outdoor space that is convenient to you. Select questions and riddles specific to your organisation or allow us to transport your employees into our world theme with game focused content.  

Sounds good so far right? So how does this help shake colleagues out of their old routines and bring some fun and adventure to your workforce?


Get teams working together

Our games are perfect for team building - different teams working together competing with others. The riddles and puzzles that need to be solved are completely different, calling on expertise from every team member. 

Sometimes teamwork in corporate games is less teamwork, and more one person leading, the rest taking a back seat, enjoying the day out of the office. Not a CluedUpp game! Each team will have a leader who retains control when it comes to selecting the answer to a riddle or question, but that team leader can change - encourage the ‘not so natural’ leaders to take charge by switching leadership after every question.  

Encourage Creativity

Not every job role requires a huge amount of creativity, but thinking creatively can help solve problems, find better ways of working and inspire colleagues who are feeling demotivated or complacent.

Taking your team on a CluedUpp adventure will get that ‘out of the box’ thinking started. A CluedUpp game is out in the fresh air, exploring a city, solving different puzzles and potentially working with different people than usual - all these things will get your team thinking a bit differently.

Fresh Air

We’ve already mentioned that CluedUpp gets you out in the open air - there is no underestimating the benefits of this. Regular fresh air is said to strengthen our immune systems, improve blood pressure and increase concentration and focus, lots of positives to give to your workforce! 

Even with the rise in health awareness, people are generally sitting in offices all day and visiting an indoor gym in the evening. Maybe a weekend features a trip to the park or a dog walk, but generally, with focuses on other areas of our life, we are not getting enough time in the great outdoors.

Some enforced time for your employees walking (even rushing if they get competitive!) out in the fresh air will do them the world of good.

Brain Exercise

We may indeed use our brains a lot in our day jobs. However, it’s similar tasks, similar patterns, similar routines - and like any exercise, stops showing benefits when it’s all you ever do. A CluedUpp game involves a fair amount of problem solving, finding the answers to different puzzles and riddles and analysing witness statements. A great way to get the brains of your workforce energised and invigorated.


We all know that communication is one of the biggest issues for most companies - siloed teams, different communication tools not connecting, different priorities. In a CluedUpp game, teams have no option but to communicate. The different riddles will suit different team members so everyone will need to participate and work together to come to a solution. In order to beat other teams, communication to build a strategy is key - once the competition starts to get heated, communication is key for keeping everyone focused and on the same page. 

Participating in a CluedUpp event is an easy way to bring teams together, reward success and get some relief from the stresses of the daily grind. With customised games to suit your organisation, it’s easy to organise and will certainly get your employees talking! 



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