So… you want to find more time for exercise? Is the 9 to 5 making you feel unenergetic?

You don’t have to slave hours at the gym in order to get exercise - there’s plenty of ways you can do so without feeling the strain and in such a fun way that you won’t even realise you’re doing so!

So get up, because it’s time to move your body in a fun way!

CluedUpp team getting some exercise

Get your dancing shoes on

Whether it’s a night on the town with your friends dancing to some great music, a dance class or you just fancy dancing in your kitchen to some good tunes whilst cooking, dancing is a great, fun and carefree way to slip in some exercise without really knowing.

It’s also low impact in terms of you’re not going to hurt afterwards (depending on how hard you go!)

So go on - stick some music on, get yourself in the groove and get dancing!

CluedUpp games getting exercise without knowing

Go for a walk

One of the easiest ways of doing exercise is walking.

If you think you have no time to go for a walk; think again - you can easily incorporate a walk into your day - in the morning before work, a lunchtime walk or an evening stroll.

If you’re finding no time to get outside for a walk, there are plenty of step workouts available on YouTube which you could do whilst you’re indoors. You’ll be surprised at how many steps you add up.

Shop til you drop

If you love a bit of retail therapy and are bored of online shopping - head to the shops!

Not only are you grabbing yourself a few new outfits, some new tech or whatever you’re in the market for - but you’re doing all those extra steps as you navigate the shops and you’ll be so distracted by your new purchases!

New stuff and exercise = win win!

5 Fun Ways to get exercise without knowing

Splash around in the water

There are plenty of fun ways to get some exercise in the water, whilst having fun!

If you’re a keen swimmer, try and do several laps up and down the pool and make it a competition with yourself to beat your time. Swimming is a very low impact exercise as it doesn’t put pressure on your muscles and joints.

If swimming isn’t your thing, why not take part in some water sports with your friends and family? Either way, you won’t notice when you’re splashing around having fun!

A team of CluedUpp detectives getting exercise

Take part in a Detective Day experience

One of the best ways (in our opinion) of getting your exercise in without knowing is taking part in a detective day adventure on the streets in your nearest city!

Gather your sleuth of detectives, dress up as your favourite characters and venture onto the streets with our award-winning app to solve a crime! Depending on how long you take to complete and what route you take, you can expect to cover around 3-5km on the day.

On average, that’s around 10,000 steps in one game!

Whether you walk or run to gather all your clues to solve the case, it’s an adrenaline rush activity which is great fun for your friends and family.

Find your nearest detective day adventure here.


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