One thing comes to mind when Easter comes: Easter Eggs!

But not all Easter Eggs are created equal and on this occasion we’re not talking about the chocolate kind!

We’re talking about the Easter Eggs you can find in movies.

If you’re thinking “what on earth is a movie Easter Egg!?!” according to wikipedia: 

Easter egg (media) is a term used to describe a message, image or feature hidden in a video game, film, or other that’s usually an electronic medium. 

It’s those little sneaky hidden messages in your favourite film that you love to spot and makes you go “ahhhh, clever!”. 

So to celebrate Easter, we have put together this ‘eggcellent’ guide on 11 of the best Movie Easter Eggs you might have missed! 

We dare you to have a look for yourself… *warning: spoilers ahead so read with caution* 


Starbucks in Fight Club

Everyone knows the first rule of Fight Club is that you don’t talk about Fight Club.

But let’s talk about the fact that director of Fight Club, David Fincher, managed to slip in a Starbucks coffee mug in nearly EVERY SCENE of the movie. Go ahead and watch it yourself - but don’t blame us if you have a craving for coffee after!

The Shining in Toy Story 

Two worlds that seem nearly impossible to collide together, but it happens… 

Wide-eyed adults will know that there’s always a little innuendo inserted into the Pixar classic that we can laugh at, whilst the kids have no idea. But you may not have caught the reference to the Shining multiple times. 

The first is during the first movie, where the carpet in Sid’s house is identical to the carpet from the Overlook Hotel. Also throughout the trilogy, the number 237 appears multiple times which is also Jack’s room number in the doomed hotel. 

Disney films 

If you’re an avid Disney fan, you will know the films make a habit of paying tribute to each film inside other films.

A few examples include: seeing the magic carpet from Aladdin in Moana, seeing Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder from Tangled walking casually attending Elsa’s coronation in Frozen, Hercules when he wears fur that resembles Scar from The Lion King…

We could write another whole blog post on Disney Easter Eggs!

Pac-Man in Tron

Did you expect this one? 

But somehow, it seems appropriate to include one of the first and oldest video gaming icons in one of the first video game films!

If you look closely, while the characters look at the videogame map, a small Pac-man can be seen! 

Star Wars in… almost every film!

There are a lot of today’s films that reference Star Wars and we love it!

A Star Wars reference is made during E.T. when Yoda is the first character to show up in the form of a Halloween costume while Elliot and E.T. are out trick or treating. Droids are seen in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, R2-D2 popped up in Star Trek: Into Darkness and Han Solo’s spaceship, The Millenium Falcon can be seen in Blade Runner.

Star Wars is even referenced in the magical Peter Pan adaptation “Hook” where George Lucas and Carrie Fisher make a brief cameo where they can be spotted as a couple kissing on the bridge in the film’s opening. 

I bet you’ll be looking for all the Star Wars Easter Eggs in every film now!


Ready Player One

If you’ve watched Ready Player One, you will know this film is focused on finding all the easter eggs!

It’s stuffed with everything from The Shining, Back to The Future, to Iron Giant and much more!

Ironically, the film’s storyline sees the characters find a golden Easter egg as they play the Atari 2600 game, Adventure, which is widely believed to hold the first video game Easter egg. 

The Wizard of Oz in Twister 

We all know that Dorothy Gale ends up in a tornado twister which brings her all the way to Oz, but the film Twister is perhaps the second most iconic movie to feature a tornado - so this is pretty obvious why the movie paid homage to the iconic children’s classic. 

The first nod to The Wizard of Oz in Twister is when there’s a flashback to a childhood memory of Helen Hunt’s character where she had a cairn terrier puppy, same as Dorothy’s dog, Toto. 

Later on in the movie, right before the tornado touches down and crashes into Aunt Meg’s house, she has a Judy Garland film playing on the television. 

The Exorcist in Scream 

Whilst the movie Scream pretty much took over the horror genre, The Exorcist still managed to pay homage to the classic by featuring a very familiar face as the reporter outside of the school - it’s none other than Linda Blair, the girl from the Exorcist. 

We see what you did there! 

Twin Pines Mall in Back to the Future

Eagle-eyed viewers will know this is pretty cool. 

We all know if you’ve watched Back to the Future, that any actions in the past have a direct impact on the future and Doc specifically cautions Marty against this. 

Despite being careful, Marty’s careless driving takes out one pine tree’s of “Twin Pines Mall” towards the beginning of the movie, which can later be seen as “Lone Pine Mall” when Marty returns to the future. 

Clever, huh?

Actual Easter Eggs in The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is probably one of the greatest films to exist and is most likely where the term “Easter egg” first originated!

Did you know, when filming the movie, the cast and crew allegedly had an actual Easter egg hunt for a bit of fun whilst on set but they were unable to find them all before production was due to start.

This meant that some of the Easter eggs were still visible in certain scenes, tucked under chairs, on railings and other unique locations. Viewers clearly wanted to know what was going on when they saw them and that’s when the iconic term was born.

Once you’ve finished hunting down some of the Easter Eggs in these films, why not level up your detective skills and find the hidden clues, riddles and ultimately, the “whodunnit’s” in our Detective Day events!



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